Asmadala Eura is our “Aires Rock” of the region on which a traverse, climb or abseil will offer some exciting options. Steeped in history and excellent 360° views from a top this magnificent natural rock and boulder garden is a real feature of our adventure base camp. Guided trips will open new activities to you or make a great play ground for experienced climbers. Climbing gear is available on hire and instructors will manage group classes. History: Asmadala is so named because of the rock carving of a horse that is found on the rock cave. “ASHWA” meaning horse in Sinhala. 

It is also told that King Valagamba buried treasure to the weight of a horse in this cave. Asmadala Rock is an Archeological treasure site declared by the Sri Lankan Government. Human existence has been scientifically recorded dating back to the 103 BC. The surrounding area was thick with jungle where wild elephants roamed some 2100 years ago. Stone tools and many other artifacts have been unearthened from this site. Carbon dating and other scientific experimentation proves this. During the first century B.C. King Valagamba while in exile due to an invasion by an Indian King, disguised himself as a hermit and lived in this rock cave and developed the “Lenawara” Temple. This Temple is now about 500 meters from this cave. It is also believe that an underground passage exists connecting the cave to the temple.
Категория : Main Sights
Район / Город : WESTERN PROVINCEColombo
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