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Useful Websites

Useful Websites

Given the importance of tourism to the National economy, there are surprisingly few sources of official tourist information in Sri Lanka itself and no overseas tourist offices. For more information on specific attractions, the best sources are independent tour operators, as well as hotel and Guesthouse staff.

In tourist offices and hotels, a free monthly print edition of “Travel Lanka” is available, which contains lists of accommodation, shops, services and transport in the capital and around the island. “Time Out Sri Lanka” ( quite popular in Colombo, and it is also worth seeing the printed version of “Yamu” (

Website of the tourism Council of Sri Lanka ( – the only state online source of tourist information. There are also interesting pages “Ari Withanage’s Sri Lanka” ( and “Eclectic Lanka Library” (, where you will find a lot of information about the country, culture, history and cuisine.

CeylonToday ( – news, sports, entertainment and user-friendly interface with exchange rates. GossipLanka ( gossip, news and entertainment. Yamu ( – attractions, restaurant reviews, Bulletin Board and more. State information center ( a wealth of information on transport, health, tourism, etc. Meteocenter ( forecasts the weather across the country.

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