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SrilankaFinder.com is an innovative Internet platform which opens a wide range of information and opportunities for you when you visit or plan a trip to the island state of Sri Lanka.

With us you are the master of your situation, independently planning your trip and choosing the places of visit corresponding to your interests in different parts of the island.  With us you have the possibility of utilizing local car rental and accommodation services, guides and interpreters avoiding intermediaries of the travelling business, what will protect you against overpayments and will guarantee low expenses.

You will agree that our innovation is challenging the old idea of ‘Buy what is all inclusive’ offered by limited number of tour operators.  However, that is not common currently among curious tourists who want to diversify and grace their stay to be tied to one place avoiding getting familiar with the culture and history of the whole quaint country.

As you have already noticed our service doesn’t promote intermediary activities which force certain hotels and air tickets onto tourists and then receive interest from sales thereby increasing their cost.

By choosing the direction and type of holiday that you long for you can plan your vacation and opt for any suitable route with the help of convenient settings and an in-built interactive map.

To make your wishes and plans come true and routes across places of interest around Sri Lanka get realized wisely visit the following sections: ‘Rent a car’, ‘Accommodation’, ‘Guides & Tours’. Here you can directly use the relevant services of local residents and local companies to choose transport to the starting point of your route, and if you need to stay longer, to choose a place of stay. Thus, you do not ‘tie’ to one hotel and its services, do not waste time and energy on getting back, but, on the contrary, you can go on a further trip around the island optionally accompanied by a guide.

Our resource offers the services of exclusively dependable and credible players on the tourist market in Sri Lanka.

You can comment on the quality of services and tourist locations around Sri Lanka by placing your feedback and reviews after the trip which will allow to objectively evaluate the criteria and conditions of information placement on the page.

The Internet site SriLankaFinder.com provides unlimited opportunities for the promotion of local businesses and it serves as a very convenient mobile guide for all tourists in Sri Lanka.

Our main goal is helps travelers easily and conveniently find all the necessary information about places of interest, resorts and services in Sri Lanka, and it will also assist you in building your itinerary on the map with further easy reach of the destination supported by an in-built navigation service.

Always for your help,

Successful trip with SriLankaFinder!

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