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What better to take with you

Check before you go:

  • Make sure that your passport is valid for at least six months after the date of your arrival in Sri Lanka.

  • Availability of necessary vaccinations.

  • To conclude the required insurance contract.

  • Check baggage restrictions when flying.

  • Check the operation of your debit / credit card.

Better take with you:

  • Sunscreen – you can not immediately find it in stores (not very popular among local products), and while you search – just burn.

  • Mosquito repellent-will not be superfluous.

  • Tampons – outside Colombo they can not be found.

  • Sunglasses – that instead of sightseeing, you will examine shops in search of glasses.

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What to wear

Shorts and t-shirt – this is the main and permanent wardrobe in Sri Lanka, because even at night in a t-shirt You will be warm. For beach bikinis are not welcome, even for tourist areas. To visit temples you need something to cover your shoulders, arms and knees – a long skirt, a sarong or light pants. Flip-flops and sandals are always comfortable and perfect to take off easily when entering the temple. Buddha bequeathed: “walking barefoot”, so no one will judge you if you walk down the street without shoes. If you plan to visit restaurants and secular institutions in the capital of Colombo, you need something decent. In case of sudden showers-lightweight waterproof jacket, poncho or raincoat. And if you are going to the mountains, there is a temperate climate and especially in the evening and at night warm things do not interfere-sometimes in winter the temperature can be dropped to zero, and so at night on average +10°C.

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Travel Insurance

Before you travel, you must obtain insurance in case of theft, loss, illness or injury. A standard travel insurance policy usually covers the loss of baggage, tickets and cash or checks (up to a certain limit), as well as the cancellation or early termination of your trip. If not issued increased insurance, the usual insurance does not include the so-called dangerous sports in Sri Lanka is scuba diving, rafting, surfing, climbing and Hiking. Many conditions can be reduced or modified to exclude insurance coverage, for example, sickness and accident benefits can be excluded or included at will. When providing coverage for theft and damage to baggage, make sure the article limit is up to$ 500 to cover the cost of Your property. If you need to show insurance compensation, be sure to keep receipts for medication and treatment, and if you have something stolen, you must obtain an official statement from the police.

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