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Bandaranaike International Airport (CMB)

Bandaranaike International Airport (CMB)

Bandaranaike International airport, named after the former Prime Minister, still known as Katunayake airport or Colombo International airport, is Sri Lanka’s main International airport.

A small airport in Colombo meets all modern international standards. It has everything you would normally need at any international airport: duty free shops, exchange offices, cafes, ATMs, mobile phone operators, Luggage storage, car rental, representatives of tour operators, hotel reservations and much more.

If you do not have an electronic entry permit in advance, then immediately upon arrival you need to go to the counter for a visa. If you have permission ETA, then immediately to passport control.

After collecting your Luggage proceed to the customs inspection. If you do not need to declare, then follow the green corridor. At the exit you find yourself in the hall for greeters and arrivals, where you are first met by exchange offices. The exchange rate is quite acceptable, so you can safely change the money for the entire period of travel. The receipt of the currency exchange is better to keep – when returning on the basis of this document, you can make a reverse exchange.

Here you can order a taxi from the official representatives, buy a local telephone SIM card, book a hotel. At the exit from the street there is a Luggage storage (Cloak room).

When departing in the waiting area there are many duty-free shops, including selling Souvenirs. Prices for Souvenirs are higher than in stores in Colombo, but not at times. Moreover, you can bargain, especially if you need to spend all the remaining rupees (export Sri Lankan rupees from the country is officially prohibited). You can pay here in currency, rupees or by credit card.

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