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Internet & Mobile communication

Internet & Mobile communication


Almost every guest house and hotel in the country has Wi-Fi Internet access, as well as many restaurants and cafes (although connections are unstable). The number of places with Wi-Fi access is growing and most major tourist centers have at least one or two Internet cafes. The cost of services is usually in the range of 60 -120 LKR per hour. If you need constant access to the Internet, you can use a variety of mobile communication packages that offer all telecommunications providers in Sri Lanka.

Mobile communication

Calling home from Sri Lanka is relatively inexpensive, but if you are planning a long trip and will make a lot of calls, then a mobile phone is the most convenient option. First of all, ask your service provider whether Your phone will work abroad and what is the cost of calls, and whether Your mobile phone will work with a local SIM-card, in the case of phone encoding for only one operator. Some foreign mobile providers have good mutual agreements with local operators and offer surprisingly cheap rates using your SIM card. But it is usually cheaper to replace the SIM card with a local company in Sri Lanka. In this case, you will have a local phone number, and you will pay for domestic rates – about 1.5-2 rupees for local calls. The SIM card can be purchased for just a few dollars at any of the island’s countless phone shops (only need to show your passport when purchasing). In the same stores also sell different accessories and cards to replenish the balance. All major phone companies in Sri Lanka also have their kiosks at the airport where you can buy a SIM card upon arrival. The main operators are: Dialog (, Mobitel (, Etisalat (, Airtel ( and Hutch ( The operators Dialog and Mobitel, as a rule, communication and tariffs are the best. Almost everywhere on the island there is a mobile connection, except for a few remote rural areas, including the reserve Singaraja.

Mobile Internet is relatively expensive,but no limit tariff plans. For example, 15 GB of traffic will cost about $ 10 (700 RUB), but keep in mind the marketing course of telephone companies-any total traffic purchased on the number, divided in half on the day (from 8.00 to 0.00) and at night (from 0.00 to 8.00). Therefore, in practice, there is always a lot of night traffic not used.

The easiest way to make a call without a mobile phone is to go to one of the points of contact – small offices offering phone, Fax and Photocopying services, and sometimes sending emails (note the signs advertising IDD calls); usually on the main street of even the smallest city there will be at least a couple of such. At such points, you make a call in a separate booth or from the phone with a minute counter, and at the end after the conversation you pay the bill. Some places have phones with built-in LCD timers so You can see exactly how long the conversation has been; in other places, it may just be a stopwatch. Calls to Russia, the UK, Australia and North America cost about 75 rupees (0.5 $ / 30 RUB) per minute; calls to Sri Lanka-5 rupees per minute.

There are very few public payphones in Sri Lanka. If you do not find the point of contact, you can call from your hotel room, but it can be expensive.

To call home from Sri Lanka, dial the international access code (+00), then the country code (Russia 7; UK 44; USA and Canada 1; Australia 61; New Zealand 64; South Africa 27), then the city code and subscriber number. Note that the initial zero is omitted from the city code when dialing from abroad.

To call Sri Lanka from abroad, dial your international access code, then the country code for Sri Lanka (+94), then the city code, minus the initial zero, then the subscriber number.

Local SIM cards are freely available for all phones. All regions have a three-digit code, followed by a six-digit or seven-digit number. Mobile phone numbers usually start with 07 or 08 and up to 12 digits.

Rescue service-0118/119.

The country code can also be in this form + 0094.

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