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Electricity, sockets

Electricity, sockets

Electrical appliances in Sri Lanka operate at 230-240 W, 50 Hz AC. Round three receptacles are standard, although sometimes square receptacles can be found, especially in more prestigious hotels; adapters for European plugs are cheap and widely available. Power outages happen, but not often; and most top places have their own generators.

Manual to use sockets without an adapter

Before connecting to the socket do not forget to turn it off using the switch located nearby, and after connecting the plug do not forget to turn on.

Method №1. A thin solid object, for example, a ballpoint pen to press into the upper hole of the outlet is a blocker of the two lower holes. This unlocks the bottom holes and allows the standard plug to be inserted freely.

Method №2. Requires a little experience and skill. The usual plug is inserted at a slight angle into the two holes of the outlet – in the upper and any lower (to whom, as it is more convenient, to choose), so that first press the lock in the upper hole, which will open the lower holes. After the plug is inserted, it is removed at the opposite angle, so that the lower tooth of the plug remains in the lower hole, and the upper tooth is inserted in a circle in the second lower hole. And you’re done!

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