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Citizens of all countries except Maldives, Singapore and Seychelles require a visa or “ETA” (Electronic travel authorization) to visit Sri Lanka. Based on the confirmed ETA (online in advance on the website a visa is granted for 30 days of stay in the country with the possibility of double entry, and the second entry can be made from the date of initial arrival within 30 days. The cost of visa is 35$ in case of online payment and at$ 40 – the place at the airport. In addition, it is possible to obtain a ninety-day tourist visa either in person or by mail from the nearest Embassy or Consulate. If you require a business visa, please contact your local Embassy or Consulate. Your passport must be valid for six months after the date of your arrival.

The subsequent extension of the visa is possible for 2 months in person at the Consulate of the Department of immigration (mon.-Fri. 8.30-14.00; at the address: 41 Ananda Rajakaruna Mawatha, Punchi Borella) and payment of the fee depending on the country of non – resident (for UK – $ 65, etc.). The cost of a two-month visa extension can be checked on the website  You can renew your visa as soon as you enter Sri Lanka; the first visa is thirty days, the next visa extension is possible for up to two months. You will need to bring one photo (3×4) or take a photo on the spot (for 500 rupees). You will be provided with an application form to fill out (it is better to take a pen with you) and a tear – off check with the number of Your turn (keep the check until the end of the process-the most important document, without it, the passport will not be given). The process takes from 2 to 5 hours of walking through the offices and Windows in turn. Conditions for visa extension this is a confirmation of the availability of the necessary funds at the rate of $15 per day, although the presence of a credit card, in most cases, will be enough.

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