In the 14th century Gampola town that located 17 km from Kandy and 85 km from Colombo, was the capital of Sri Lanka Kingdom by the reign of King Buwanekabahu IV. In the heart of the Gampola Kingdom is a unique place, worthy to visit like tourists and lovers of nature, architecture, and believers of all religious denominations. This is a Ambuluwawa mountain.

Ambuluwawa Mountain Hill is located a few kilometers to the West of Gampola, and the adjacent valley declared a state, as Ambuluwawa Forest Resarvation ICC. Unique location surrounded by mountains and unique microclimate created conditions for the growth of a huge number of medicinal plants. Research diversity of flora in the reserve are still ongoing and according to scientists here studied more than 200 varieties of plants belonging to 80 species.

The Ambuluwawa mountain a height of 3560 meters above sea level. In the hill you can see the entire cascade of the surrounding mountains: South – Sri Pada or Adam’s Peak, West –Bathalegala or Bible Rock, North –Mountain Range of Knuckles, East –Pidurutalagala, also in good weather can be seen: Hanthana Mountain Range, Hunnasgiri and the mountains in the Nuwara Eliya district. Therefore, views from the mountain are stunning.

Ambuluwawa is a must-visit place for tourists. Due to bad road access and high lifting, firms usually do not include this place in route to visit and it is a not a good idea. The impressions on the top, you will never forget.

The climb is not hard. Mountain road runs along the serpentine surrounded by mountain landscapes, cliffs and unique plants, which you will not find anywhere else. Is a unique and specific type of rock, which has a red-brown color.

On top of the mountain is the Ambuluwawa temple and a high white tower, reminiscent of a Buddhist stupa, with a height of 48 meters. The most daring can climb to the top of the tower by a spiral staircase encircling the tower on the outside of the spiral. In addition, your efforts on the ascent are rewarded – on top of open these types and beauty, from which breathtaking. By the way, checked that none of the camera does not convey the same beauty that you see live at altitude, so go for it.

Apart from the temple, and the research center of Biodiversity, on top of the mountain is a Ambuluwawa Multi Religious Centre, which organized a modern hall for holding international conferences. Also interesting to visit three ponds, a sacred Bodhi tree, water Park, stone Park, garden of herbs.

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