Pidurutalagala or Pedro mount in English is the highest point in Sri Lanka, 2524 meters above sea level and about 600 meters above the surrounding territories, including the city of Nuwara Eliya. In the local Sinhalese language Pidurutalagala means “Mat mountain”, because the locals weave mats from growing there reeds.

To see beauty, opening from peak Pedro mount, in the course of the day to take a little trip from Nuwara Eliya to the top, which is nicely laid road. However, at the top you cannot get – blocks the path of transmission because of the placement of the top of the main television translator of the country or some military equipment. If you can negotiate with the guards, you will enjoy a picturesque view of the surroundings at the peak.

Категория : Main Sights
Район / Город : CENTRAL PROVINCENuwara Eliya
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