Mannar is a name of the Island and the city, which located on the North-West of Sri Lanka, 230 km from Colombo. A continuation of the Island to the North stands a chain of Islands National Park, the Adam`s Bridge that connected Sri Lanka with India. In colonial times, the British joined the reefs, islets and shoals, building road and Railway. But in November 1964, the strongest hurricane destroyed the bridge.

In 1560, on the southern tip of Mannar Island,  Portuguese built the Fort with bastions on four sides, surrounded by a moat of water. In 1658, Dutch captured the Fort. And in 1795, Fort conquered by the British.

Until 2009, the island was not available to visit because of the war with Tamils. Now you can easily visit the main sights of the island, including the ancient Baobab Tree Pallimunai.

Категория : Main Sights
Район / Город : NORTHERN PROVINCEMannar
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