Sri Pada is one of the highest mountains, on top of which at an altitude of about 2243 meters is a temple and a sacred relic – Sacred Footprint of Adam. Therefore, the second the name of the mountain – Adam’s Peak. This is the traditional and most visited place of pilgrimage for both tourists and believers of all faiths.

To climb Adam’s Peak from the village of Dalhousie, where their buses to Kandy, Colombo and Nuwara Eliya. The nearest railway station is in Hatton where you can take a taxi or tuk-tuk. Alternatively, build the route on the map on our website and rent a car.

According to local tradition, every self-respecting Lankans is simply obliged at least once to climb to the top of this sacred mountain, the ascent to which is about 5,000 steps. There is even a local saying: “Who climbed Adam’s Peak, the fool. And who has climbed the second time, he is twice a fool.” Climb a mountain, everyone from young to old, sick and lame, especially during religious holidays.

 The ascent is not easy. Tourists make the climb mostly at night to meet the dawn, and due to the lack of the heat of the day when lifting, which takes a minimum of 3 hours. All the way lit by lanterns, as well as organized food items and leisure.

A stunning beauty of the dawn (approximately 06.00 am) on top of the mountain reveals breathtaking views that does not transmit any camera. On top of the night quite cold, so bring warm clothes.

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