Sri Dalada Maligawa or The temple of the sacred tooth relic Buddha is the main temple of Sri Lanka, located in Kandy (the ancient capital of the Kingdom). In this ancient temple, under seven seals in a Golden casket under the watchful protection of the monks is one of the most important Holy sites for Buddhists all over the world – a real tooth of the Lord Buddha.

According to legend, the tooth was stolen from the cremation of Buddha in the year 540 BC, and were the object of keeping the kings in India. In the year 313 ad to preserve the relics during the civil wars of the tooth relic was taken to Ceylon. Princess Hemamali interweave in her hair tooth and under the guise of a poor girl got to Sri Lanka. Since then the kings of Sri Lanka kept the relic. People believed that who keep the tooth, and he rules the state. As Sri Lanka has varied capitals, and tooth changed its location: the beginning of Anuradhapura, then Polonnaruwa, and later went to the temple in Kandy. Originally, it was a wooden temple, but it was badly damaged during the war with the Portuguese and the Dutch in the eighteenth century. After that was built a stone Tample.

Currently the temple looks from the outside plain, but inside is very rich furnishings of precious metals and stones, ivory, embroidered fabrics and painted frescoes. In addition to the temple complex includes the Royal Palace, the archaeological Museum and the hall of audience, Palace of the Queen, the world Buddhist Museum, many pagodas and Buddha statues.

The complex is the Temple of the Tooth relic in Kandy you may visit anyone. Pilgrims, tourists, monks, believers, there is always a lot, especially on holidays. The temple entrance fee – around $10. Clothing suitable for the Holy places, shoes for paid Luggage storage.

Категория : Temples
Район / Город : CENTRAL PROVINCEKandy
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