Sivasubramania Swami Kovil hindu temple has a long history of about 125 years and was built to worship Lord Muruga, otherwise known as God Kataragama. This is of great importance to the Hindu people as well as the Buddhist people who are found travelling in great numbers to devoutly worship at the shrine of Kataragama on the south of the island.

The most outstanding sight is the tower known as raja gopuram. This tower was built in 1994 fully embellished with colourful statues of Hindu deities. It is also accompanied by two smaller towers and a clock house.

The construction of this tower was followed by a celebration called Kumbabishekam which is a traditional ceremony that is held after rehabilitation or a reconstruction of a temple.

Attention: visiting this temple you should leave your shoes outside.

Категория : Temples
Район / Город : WESTERN PROVINCEColombo
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