About the architecture of the pagoda the best is said in the book “Japanese artistic tradition” T. Grigoryeva: “The architecture of the pagoda is embodied the principle of circularity, the revolving spiral, which is universal for the Far East, which can be found in temple architecture, in the classic stories and famous poetry anthologies, and in the structure of certain poems, because that is the principle vision of the World.”

Pagoda built on the mountain Rumassala near Unawatuna. It is a gift from the Japanese people as a sign of unification of all people all races and religions, and to help all to find peace and harmony.

To get to the Japanese peace pagoda, you can walk through the jungle of small Rumassala sanctuary, located on the headland between Unawatuna and Galle. Uphill is not hard and opening gorgeous views of the ocean and Galle Fort will be definitely delight.

Buddhist temple-monastery Sri Viwekaramaya hidden in the jungle near 100 meters away. Friendly monks and interesting architecture with the statues meet you there.

Категория : Temples
Район / Город : SOUTHERN PROVINCEGalleUnawatuna
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