Colombo is the largest and most populous city of Sri Lanka with a population of almost 5 million people. It is the largest seaport and marketplace of all business in Sri Lanka. That is why Colombo called the Business Capital. This Oriental metropolis of contrasts, where in one place you will see glass shopping malls and street markets, 5-star luxury hotels and colonial buildings of the 18th century, modern houses and ancient temples.

This is interesting

  • Most of all don not know that Colombo is NOT the capital of the country. The official capital of Sri Lanka is its satellite town in the suburbs with an easy to pronounce name Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte. While Colombo is the business capital.
  • Located exactly on the West coast of the island, Colombo adopted in the country over the zero kilometer, therefore, all other localities in Sri Lanka is determined on the basis of distance from Colombo. For example, Kandy – the cultural capital of Sri Lanka, which is located in the Central province 110 km from Colombo.
  • There are several assumptions where the name of the city, but the most common is the word “kolamba” that the old Sinhala language means “broad or harbor”. And this is not casual. There are a very large harbor in Colombo, which used by traders on the sea route between Asia, Africa and Europe still more than 2000 years ago.

Weather in Colombo

The climate of Colombo is tropical, average temperature throughout the year about +31°C. In the large city climate is high wetness, but the next day of visiting the body is already accustomed and you feel comfortable to move around the attractions.

The temperature of air and water in Colombo around the year:

Reasons why you visit Colombo 100%

  1. Only the proximity of the Bandaranaike international airport is 30 km from Colombo and almost all of the future path going through it.
  2. After a long flight, the majority prefers to have a rest day or two somewhere closer to acclimatize and move on in a way. While Colombo is the ideal place to relax and see interesting city with its attractions.
  3. To see side-by-side wealth and poverty, modernity and ancient customs.

What to see and what to do in the city

The whole city is full of rivers and canals, and in the center is the famous Beira Lake, over the water of which is a Buddhist retreat meditation center. Also on the lake, you can ride by catamaran to seeing all its beauty.

And then in the center – the oldest city Park Viharamahadevi or previously Victoria Park with a large Buddha statue; Colombo National Museum, Art gallery, Historical Museum, interesting architecture of the Theater building, City Hall, the building of the Public Library. With interest, you can spend half a day. The museums are open from 9 am to 5 pm hours, except weekends and Friday.

It will be interesting to visit the most important and largest in Colombo Temple Gangaramaya, the architecture of which shows mix of cultures Sri Lanka, India and China.

Buddhists believe that visiting once Kelaniya Rajamaha Viharaya, you will be freed of all sins.

One of the main sight in Colombo that very interesting for all tourists is Pettah Floating Market. Unique group of shopping stalls on the lake.

Well, and in the evening don’t miss the great sunset on the Central promenade of Galle Face green while sipping Ceylon tea in local cafes. Keep in mind that at the equator the sun sets very quickly and by 6.00 pm it’s already dark.

All the sights you can easily find on our site map identifying the location of Colombo, and will probably get, making route and rent a car.

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