Visiting sea turtle hatchery will be interesting both for adults and for children. What are doing in rescue center:

  • To gather sea turtle eggs from the beach and buy them from local fishermen.
  • Create conditions to safe eggs from predators before they are released into the sea. Some of them stay on the hatchery longer, until they get stronger.
  • Treat traumatized turtles caught by fishing nets.
  • Conducting propaganda about the need to save sea turtles: they conduct seminars, shoot information videos, distribute leaflets, etc.
  • Conduct ongoing research on the migration of sea turtles after nesting.
  • Based on the collected data, they develop a plan for the conservation of sea turtles and integrate them into national programs.

On the hatchery you will be able to follow the whole process of saving sea turtles from birth to their live in the native ocean.

It will be especially interesting to get to the night beach, where giant turtles of huge sizes sail, and you can observe the process of laying eggs in the sand (in turtle nests).

You can get on Sea Turtle Hatchery & Rescue Center by tuk-tuk or by car.

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