Inside the jungles of Kitulgala there are plenty of camping opportunities which can be coupled with White Water Rafting, Bird Watching, Jungle Walks, River bathing and many adventure activities.If you are looking at a adventure and leisure base close to Colombo, Kithulgala is THE PLACE. Being so close to Colombo if you stay for one night you would be able to do many adventure and leisure activities such as White Water Rafting, Bird Watching, Walking in the Jungle, Visiting pre historic caves, Bathing in the river, Trekking to Waterfalls, Adventure Jumps and slides in natural ponds, River Expeditions, Rain Forest Walks and Trails, Flat Water Rafting, Waterfall Abseilling, Mountain biking etc.Try our Rain Forest Camping offers in Kitulgala Forest Reserve, you will never be disappointed. Select from our 1 night, 2 nights and 3 nights Rain Forest Camping Trails in Kitulgala Forest Reserve. All these Rain Forest Camping packages includes various activities mentioned above.Our Rain Forest Campsite is located in the Jungles of Kitulgala near small scenic waterfall where you can have a relaxing holiday by the water. All you have to do is sit back and relax while we cater to all your needs. The Campsite is setup prior to your arrival and is fully staffed. We serve you all meals, beverages and facilitate all activities during your stay at our Rain Forest Camp by the Waterfall. When you are on activities we serve you picnic meals. When you return back to the campsite you can have a refreshing bath in the stream just in front of your tent. In the night the whole campsite will be lit up with lanterns and we serve BBQ Dinner amidst a roaring campsite.

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