Our main spot is at the Kappalady lagoon, just 200m from the camp and it’s the perfect spot for all abilities. Almost all of the lagoon is waist deep which makes it an ideal beginner spot, and due to the wind blowing over the beach the water is butter flat for all you freestylers and flat water fanatics. We take the jeep with a trailer down to the lagoon so you don’t even need to worry about carrying your gear or even walking!
Only 50m across the beach from the lagoon is the Indian ocean, and during the summer season the reef 100m or so offshore provides really fun waves to play around in. We have a range of surfboards for rental if you want to try it for the first time and our instructors can always help you with tips and techniques for riding in the waves. The wind blows cross on shore so you always know you’ll make it back to the beach, and it’s a 2 minute downwinder back to the camp when you’re finished for the day so you don’t even need to wait for the jeep if you don’t want to.

The Kappalady lagoon is by far the best kitesurf spot in Sri Lanka, with consistent strong winds, waist deep water and flat conditions. From May – Sept we get 18 – 25 knots every day, 24/7!!
The Kitekuda kite center is located right on the lagoon, with our kite school, kite storage and cleaning facilities, a launching/landing spot with beach assistants. To enjoy our kite services, book your stay at Bedrock and we will also provide a shuttle service to and from the lagoon. Villa Sante is right next door with full access to our facilities!

Adress: Kalpitya Road. Palakuda, 61344 Kappaladi.

    • 21/08/2018 at 20:52

      I had a great time at Kitekuda. They have an amazing team of really kind people. Food is great and kitesurfing in Kappalady Lagoon is fantastic!

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