Birdwatcher’s paradise – Wirawila Bird Sanctuary is a reserve and is located in Southern, Sri Lanka. The estimate terrain elevation above seal level is 27 metres. Also written as Wirawila Sanctuary, Weerawila Bird Sanctuary is a birdwatcher’s paradise, especially because it is close to the Bundala National Park, another site in Sri Lanka that is perfect for bird watching.

Weerawila is located in Wirawila, Tissamaharama(or just Tissa).What makes this location unique is its extensive sheet of water that attracts an amazingly diverse species of birds. It has several reservoir, such asKongahaWewa, DebaraWewa, MutiammaWewa, and TissaWewa, all of which provide a great nesting ground for diverse bird life.
More than 400 species of birds visit this part of Sri Lanka, almost 200 of which are migrant birds that fly in south for the winter, some of them coming as far north as the Arctic tundra.
There are also 33 endemic birds that contribute to the entire population. Whether you visit for a day or for a two-week trip, you can easily spot a wide range of bird species.

A small number of wildlife is also present in Weerawila Bird Sanctuary, such as wild buffalos and monkeys. The best time to go bird watching is early morning and when the weather is nice and the sky is clear.
As a way to preserve the bird sanctuary, you must only bring a limited number of items, which you should take back with you when you leave. Remember to bring water as there is no water source available within the park.
It is also highly recommended that you wear camouflage clothes, you do not get down from the Jeep, and that you do not make a lot of noise or shout.

Cover as much ground as you can within the Weerawila Bird Sanctuary.Explore every reservoir, grassland and wherever there are birds within sight.Whether you explore the reserve on foot or aboard a jeep, you should make the most of your trip. Part of your exploration would be to visit other tourist attractions within proximity of the bird sanctuary.

Have you been bird watching for a long time?If so, some species may already be familiar to you, so why not try to identify every bird you see and pass by? This would surely make your bird watching adventure fun and challenging.You can categorize your list according to water birds, forest birds, endemic or migrant species.

Create your own bird documentary by taking pictures of different bird life or wildlife within the Weerawilareserve. Find out how good your reflexes are in pressing that shutter in time to catch a bird’s picture while it’s in flight.

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