Uppuveli Beach is located on the north-eastern coast of Sri Lanka in the city of Trincomalee. Ideal place for exotic beach holidays with stunning tropical bays, beaches and palms. From May to October, the most favorable dry and warm weather is established here, the ocean warms up to +29°C and everything is available for all-round recreation.

Unlike the developed tourist zones in the south-west of the island, people are more friendly here, no one is bothering to buy anything, prices are cheaper, and sellers are willing to accept discounts. There are not many holidaymakers here and you can easily enjoy nature in solitude.

Coral reef, running along the coastline, protects the beach from large waves. Therefore, this place attracts not only those who like to swim in the calm water, but also diving enthusiasts, to plunge into the beauty of the underwater world. Particularly popular with tourists is the coral Pigeon Island, which is located just nearly from the shore.

Trincomalee from ancient times was an important naval port connecting trade relations of Sri Lanka with Asia. It is located in the Gulf of Koddiyar Bay and has an interesting history, which you can learn more by visiting Fort Frederick. Trincomalee Bay has long been the most beautiful and covered for the seaport.

Water entertainment on the beach provided in huge numbers. There are a lot of attractions near Trincomalee that you are need to visit. These are the sacred thermal springs of Kania (Kanniya), ancient temples, nature reserves, where you can watching elephants and strange birds. Well, if you are lucky, you can watch an impressive sight of the migration of whales and sperm whales, going on a boat to the ocean.

Near Uppuveli, 10 km north from Trincomalee, is a very beautiful beach Nilaveli. Each of the beach has its own charms. Everyone is free to choose what you like.

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