Thanthamalai Sri Murugan Temple is one of the most famous rock temple in Sri Lanka. Thanthamalai Sri Murugan Temple is believed to be the location God Murugan or Skanda, who is Jung sun of God Siva & Parvathi, first sailed into Sri Lanka from India in a golden boat right after finishing the war with Asuran (a demon) who was harming the Davas (a deity). The golden boat, which was turned into a rock, still stands on the Uhanthi beach known to all as the ‘Golden Boat Rock’,  in Tamil as Thanga Thoni Mali and in Sinhala as Ran Oru Gala. When he visited he felt this was suitable place for him to finish the war with Asuran. It is a very beautiful place surrounded by a mountain, the jungle and the ocean. Birds are singing and all this nature makes the site very special and peaceful. He choose to call the place Uhanthi which in Sinahla means “men”.

After he spent some time in Uhanthi he visited to south, Katharagama. During his visit he met his  girlfriend called Valli she belonged to the Watha family. Valli’s family didn’t like Murugan because he did not belong to the Watha family, and then Murugan took her to Uhanthi without their permission. Both of them stayed in Uhanthi and build the rock ponds for bathing and also build a place to stay. Then they walked to Atharagama. Since then, Hindu people commemorate the annual Pâda Yâtrâ or foot pilgrimage via Okanda temple and Yala National Park to Kataragama for the Esala festivities in Kataragama.

People from all over the world and Sri Lanka visit the Hindu, Buddhist, Christain, Muslims temples to worship and have the strong belief that if they request something they will receive it.

The god Murugan or Skanda is blessed by dream to the Muthubanda Ratemahathaya who was the  first care taker or Basnayakanilame or Vannakkar family to take care this place. The temple is managed by Sinhala family, they practice the Hindu religion and are the 8th generation of care takers. The first born son in the family has to manage the temple. All the radiations Hindu we keep the old radiations. The current care taker or Basnayaka Nilame or Vannakar – Muthubanda Surendrarajah.

The land where the temple is located is 100 acres that include jungle, mountains and the beach—a very peaceful location. There are also, five accommodation halls, good places for meditation or yoga, 35 dug wells and 30 common toilets. You can see elephants, peacocks, wild bore, deers and lots of other wildlife. People can surf on the beach. 

Festivals & Events

Annual festival July – August date will be change on a 15 days ceremony which performs every night special poja and it culminates with a water cutting ceremony on day 15 around 100000 people  participate. 

Kanthsasty pasting festival October – 6 days pasting days with the last day  Soorasankaram it is a colorful fighting game between Murugan & Asuran.

Karthigi Poja – Starting on December it is a one day festival lighting coconut lamp everywhere. 

Padayathra – Annual Pâda Yâtrâ or foot pilgrimage via Okanda temple and Yala National Park to Kataragama for the Esala festivities in Kataragama.

New year Poja, Tamil New Year Poja , Sinhala- Tamil new year Poya and Depavaali Poja are all special.

Close by attractions:

  • Yala East National Park entrance – 500m
  • Kudumbigala Monastery – 7km
  • Panama village – 17km
  • Kumana Kapilitha temple -26km

Please note:

  1. Dress code – covered shoulders & legs
  2. Only devotees can stay overnight.
  3. Please respect the culture, thanks.
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