One of the impressive attractions is the nine arched bridge in the mountains of Sri Lanka, along which the railway passes at an altitude of more than 30 meters. Besides the fascinating species, the bridge is interesting because it was built during the colonization in 1921 without the use of metal, entirely from an array of rocks and bricks.

How to find and get there

The 9-arched bridge is located in the Demodara railway station in the village of Gotuwala, in the heart of Sri Lanka’s highlands at an altitude of about 950 meters above sea level, amongst the picturesque mountain hills, jungle and tea plantations. To go by train on the bridge you need to go from Ella station to Demodara. Then you can return to the bridge on foot, touch it with your hands and arrange a photo session.

Also from Ella can be reached by tuk-tuk, knowing in advance the train schedule and capturing the moment the passage of the train over the bridge.

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