Nilaveli beach is located nearly 10-15 km from the city of Trincomalee in the north-eastern part of Sri Lanka. You can get there from Trincomalee either by car or bus, or by tuk-tuk. The town of Nilaveli is famous for its incredible beauty of nature, wide sandy beaches, picturesque bays with coconut palms and a calm ocean, conditioned by the surrounding coral reef.

Нилавели кораллы

The resort in Nilaveli is very popular in the summer season from May to October, when the monsoon with periodic rains prevails on the southwest coast. Beach vacation here is ideal for relaxing with children: calm waves, a long gently sloping entrance to the water, sandy beach without rocks and shells, many water activities from surfing, diving, and watching whales and dolphins.

The beach liked a wild secluded holiday away from noisy cities. Unlike the south-western part of the island, the infrastructure of Nileveli is only evolving, the hotels are relatively far apart, night club life is almost non-existent, but everything you can need for recreation can be easily found in abundance.

On weekends local people like to come here, adding activity to the beach life. People here are benevolent, no one will bother you with anything to buy, and sellers easy give you a discount.

Жители Нилавели

Crystal clear water and a coral reef attracts fans to dive with scuba diving or simply with a mask, especially the coral Pigeon Island, which is located a near from the beach. To get there, as well as to other beautiful places along the entire coast, you can rent a boat, which is a lot here.

The Trincomalee region is rich in various attractions: Fort Frederic and the seaport in Trincomalee, the sacred Kanniya thermal springs, ancient temples, nature reserves where you can watch elephants and outlandish birds. Well, if you are lucky, you can witness an unforgettable sight of the migration of whales and sperm whales, going on a boat to the ocean.

Киты Нилавели

In any case, you will not be disappointed by this truly paradise place.

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