The city of Maravila is located 60 km north of Colombo or 30 km from Negombo, half an hour by car from Colombo Airport. Here are beautiful, almost deserted beaches, a quiet secluded atmosphere and amazing nature with coconut palms and freshwater lagoons. Also local fishermen with their traditional sailing boats (catamarans) add the appropriate color.

On the coast, you can easily find any water sports: from surfing to diving. All it by beaches with soft golden sand, hidden coves and bays, underwater coral gardens with remains of sunken ships and a crystal-clear ocean with inhabitants of all colors of the rainbow.

Maravila is still famous for its punch. It is a weak alcoholic drink, which tastes like cider. Cook it from the juice obtained from the flowers of coconut palm. If you are lucky, you will be able to observe an amazing sight, as the collectors of juice move on ropes stretched between the treetops, while collecting the coconut flower extract, and balancing as professional ropewalkers.

Rest on the coast of the Indian Ocean in Maravila will give you an unforgettable experience: acquaintance with the national culture, visiting national parks, tea plantations, ancient Buddhist temples and much more.

Jewelers from Maravil are well known all over the world for their products made of precious stones: sapphires, rubies, topazes. In addition, you can be acquainted with the products of folk crafts: masks, batik.

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