Lakpahana is not a usual souvenir shop. It`s an Artisans Association of Sri Lanka, which supports traditional crafts, folk crafts, art and creativity Lankan masters.

Lakpahana is the national entity of the World Crafts Council and the Unesco Seal of Excellence. 15 stores Lakpahana around the island provided employment to over 500 artisans.

For 40 years, Lakpahana provides artists across Sri Lanka a platform to Express their true artistic talents and stimulate their creativity, keeping a dying tradition.

Lakpahana includes more than 15 000 exclusive products: ornaments and jewelry work in silver, brass and copper, wood carving, batik, masks, lacquer ware, ceramics, fabric handcraft, weaving of cane, embroidered linen, articles made of coconut and more.

Come and be inspired.

Категория : Souvenirs
Район / Город : WESTERN PROVINCEColombo
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    15/12/2018 at 05:03

    Lakpahana is the marketing arm of the Sri Lanka Craftsmen and Artisans Association. They provide employment to over 500 artisans through our 15 craft centers throughout the island, supported by a team of leading designers, is an experience of Sri Lankan art and culture. Products including exquisite silver jewellery, metal work in silver, brass and copper, woodcarvings,batiks, masks, lacquer ware, pottery, hand woven rush and reed products, Hand embroidered linen, coconut products and many more.

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