Beruwala is located 60 km South of Colombo. A fishing town known for its Muslim past. In VIII century, Muslims settled here, and trade of precious items and gemstones from Africa. These Muslims generation still live in the area, and under the jewelry trade has allocated a quarter of the China Fort.

The city has many mosques. One of the most revered and famous of the mosques in Beruwela is Kechimalai Mosque, situated on an elevated rocky promontory surrounded by beautiful palm trees.

Beach season and weather

Most popular high season starts from October and continues until May. In low season, the air temperature in average remains the same warm +30°C, only occasionally fall short-term precipitation, which brings the southwest monsoon. The water temperature in the ocean is +27°C all year round.

The main beach starts from the Cape opposite crow island (Crow Island) and down to the beaches Moragalla, Aluthgama and Bentota. Coast protected by a coral reef, so swimming in the ocean all year round and the lagoon is suitable for children without waves.

What to visit and what to do

Along the coast, you will find here many centers for water sports: surfing, kite, paddleboats, water bikes, etc. Well, fans of diving and snorkeling will be delighted on not only the coral reef, but also the graveyard of sunken ships.

Nightlife is virtually nonexistent, after 23.00 all stops. However, with the dawn of life awakens, especially at the famous Fish Market in the harbor of Beruwela.

Tired of a beach holiday, tourists make a boat trip to the Barberyn Island, a pleasant walk to a small picturesque island, densely covered with palm trees, climb to the famous Beruwala Lighthouse with a height of 34 meters and dive around the Islands beautiful coral gardens.

Near Beruwela it will be interesting to visit an ancient Buddhist temple Kande Viharaya, the tropical modern Gardens of the Beavis Bawa, the Lunuganga Garden, the Museum of Masks in Ambalangoda, Kosgoda Sea turtles farm, and more you’ll find here.

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