Anawilundawa Bird Sanctuary is a Nature Preserve. The Anawilundawa wetland sanctuary is located between the coast and the Chilaw (10km) Puttalam railway line, in the Puttalam District of the North western province of Sri Lanka and covers an extent of 1400 hectares. From Chilaw Puttlam road, you will find a junction named Anavirundawa. From that end if you have to travel through, then you will reach the Anavirundawa bird watching site.

What makes Anawilundawa so special is the fact that it sits at a point where three very distinct eco-systems collide. Bordering the coast, Anawilundawa is also flanked by mangroves and fresh water lakes. This results in a huge diversity of resident and migratory species of animals and birds. Indeed, there are over 150 species of birds known to inhabit the sanctuary.
Also a total of 20 species of mammals have also been recorded here, including the Toque Monkey, five threatened species of Slender Loris, Rusty Spotted Cat, Fishing Cat and the Indian Otter. 74 species of butterflies are also known to breed here.

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